Pre-school Program

 The Massey School of Dance offers an excellent Pre-school program in Pre-Tap and Pre-Ballet. Little Dancers are taught rhythms, counting with music, sharing with other children and co-ordination skills. 


   Ballet is the core all dance styles.  It has technique, grace and poise, focus and discipline which will enhance dancers in all styles. Classes are offered beginning at the age of 5, in combination with Tap.  Young children are started with age-appropriate technique skills in addition to rhythmic and co-ordination development. Older dancers are offered 2 Ballet classes per week with emphasis on technique.  This class is strongly recommended for all of our dancers.


 Classes are based on the Al Gilbert graded Technique Course with rhythmic, street dance combination added for older, more advanced dancers.  Students will learn correct terminology, steps and musicality, while improving their co-ordination.

Second semester, training is applied and transformed into routines for our spring production.


Jazz classes are offered for students at the age of 6 to 7 years old, dependent on previous training. Jazz is a fast paced, style focusing on flexibility, leaps, turns and moving across the floor.  Ballet classes are strongly encouraged for our jazz dancers.


 For our more advanced Ballet students, we offer Pointe classes which must be taken in addition to the two Ballet classes per week. Dancers will be evaluated by our Ballet teachers, on an individual bases, and considered for Pointe Shoes when they are strong enough and physically and mentally ready for this big step.


Lyrical / Contemporary

A combination of Jazz, Ballet & Self-Expression - Students will use technique and their own artistry to grow and become creative dancers in class and in their choreography.  Ballet is strongly encouraged for this class. 


If fast paced (sometimes country – sometimes pop) – syncopated tap is your “cup of tea” join one of our clogging classes. These classes will have the basics of tap and then move on to some fancy footwork.  


Fast paced moves, upbeat music – funky street dance styles equals’ hip hop.  Dancers will combine styles of jazz, street and their own freestyle in this class.  Dancers especially enjoy this class because of the popular music and moves used in class. 

Spring Production

  The Massey School of Dance presents a spring production, usually in June, at Louisburg College. At this time, we showcase our dancers and their accomplishments after a year of learning, sharing, growing and working together toward one common goal. Dancers will need to buy costumes and accessories for our recital, which are often used for fall performances and competitions.